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What method can I pay for my order?

We offer PayPal method and you can put your any bank card(redit card, e-check and more) binding, so that you can easily pay. We will add more payments in the further. Thanks!

FIFA16 coins for XBOX360/One、PS3/4、PC are in stock

New arrival!!! We offer the cheapest FIFA16 coins (for XBOX360、XBOXOne、PS3、PS4、PC)to help you build your FIFA dream!!!

My dear partner, what are you waiting for? Come on, just do it!!!

Is your store legal and safe? is a reliable online store website of selling FIFA coins and we have to handle the relevant business license certificate,

And it registered by the administration for industry and commerce. You will have an approving buying experience, thanks!

How long does it take to receive my fifa16 coins?

FIFA16(Buy New Account):5----30 minutes

FIFA16(Coins rechange):5--------30 minutes

FIFA16(Player Auction):5---------30 minutes

FIFA16(Points Account):30 minutes-----24 hours

Why is verification required?

To ensure your financial safety, verification is only required for first-time customers who pay by visa card, paypal,

and master card. It takes only a few minutes.

NOTICE: Further verification will be required for some exceptional cases (infrequent) to avoid the risk of scams.

Why I can’t receive my coins in time?

FIFA 16 (Buy New Account) – We need few minutes to verify the accounts and make sure it can be logged in and use.

FIFA 16 (Coins Recharge) - We failed to log in your account to transfer the coins to your account because:
a. You gave us the wrong FUT security answer.

b. You bind your credit cards to your game account.

c. You log in your account while we are recharging coins to your account. Please not to log in your account before you receive an email to notify you we complete the coins recharge.

FIFA 16 (Player Auction)
a. You don't list the player with the Start Price and Buy Now Price as our site shows so we cannot find your player.
b. You don't list the player you choose from the list.

The other reasons:

a. Technical errors like Internet down-time and the bad network, please wait for a moment.
b. Order in verification process, or you fill the wrong information (email, name and number…), please check it again.
c. Stock-out coins are being restocked

d. Please contract us anytime you have question like this one.

How can I use the “live help”? And should I have to click it?

-You will have a correct answer for your any question in the “live help”. Just click it in. We have our professional and patience customer service online 24 hours and try best to help you in buying coins.

-You don’t have to use the service if you can finish your coins trade completely by yourself. Maybe you can write to us by e-mail with face facebook or twitter. Of course, we also welcome everyone give our team some suggestion and comments, thanks.

Can I refund if I can’t receive my coins in time or for regret?

Of course, it shows that you haven’t finished the coins trade before you receive the coins. You can contract us to request a full refund and your order will be canceled and we'll refund you in 24-48 hours on working days, or you can ask us to solve your problem to finish your order, thanks!

what is the Player Auction and how does it work?

You sell a player in the transfer market, tell us the player information, then we find and buy him. You get the coins. It's the regular way to deliver coins, but you'll have to own specific players for the coins.
We won't give you the player back and cover the EA tax either

How can I finish my order by myself?

You can click “how to buy” and follow the steps and fill your information in the blank.

Or you can chat with us online, we have our professional team, they will be patience to solve your question and be your guider for your order

Do you have some activities for sale or vip?

Of course, we will offer some special activities to sell coins for sale. To unsure each guest cost less money to get more coins, we will sell the coins without benefit. the higher level you got, the better service you get! Please pay more attention to our note.

Is it safe to give you my account information to buy FIFA 16 coins via Coins

We 100% guarantee your account security. You could change the password before and after transaction.
The only thing we do is to recharge coins to your account. We won’t change anything of your account.

How do you protect the privacy of my details?

Client confidentiality is our top priority. Our company has imposed very strict rules with regards to disclosing or selling of any client information. We have our professional and safe manage system, we will protect every customer personal information including trade details, banking accounts, ect and never let out to any third parties.

WE PROMISE: Offenders will be charged and prosecuted in court for breaching of trust, thanks.

If I still have more question or I want to know more about yours

If you still have any question or know more about us, please click the “live chat” or write email to us in , thanks!

How to Transfer FIFA Coins Between 2 Accounts

How to Transfer FIFA Coins Between 2 Accounts

Actually it’s the normal steps you sell and buy players on the transfer market. You just need to use some small skills to do so.
Notice: You must list the player with a SPECIAL Start Price and Buy Now Price so that you can find him easily.

Buying Low and Selling High
1. Check how many coins left in your account
2. Go to transfer market to search players
3. If the players are sold at the low (min) price and you can afford it, buy it
4. Sell it at the high (max) price
5. Use the new account to buy the player

For example
1. There are 50K coins left in your account.
2. You find a player whose price range is 50K - 100K, and he’s being sold at 50K
3. Buy him and sell him at 100K
4. Use your new account to buy the player
5. The coins in your old account will increase to 100K

Make Use of Your Players
1. Choose one of your player as an medium to transfer coins between the 2 account
2. Sell it at the high (max) price
3. Use the new account to buy the player
4. Now the player is in your new account. Use your new account your list the player with the low price.
5. Use your old account to buy him back.
6. List him again with the high (max) price, use the new account to buy him again.
7. Repeat the selling and buying player steps to transfer coins to your old account from the new one.

For example
1. You have a player whose price range is 500K - 1000K
2. List him at 1000K on the transfer market
3. Use your new account to find this player and buy him
4. Now the player is in the new account, use the new account to list him at 500K
5. Use your old account to buy this player and sell him at 1000K again
6. Use the new account to buy him again
7. The coins in your old account will increase


How to distinguish the fifa16 version

Here we show you  the Europe Client version as the picture below:

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